About Us

Tom Burr created Kwik-Hang in 2013 to solve a common, stressful household chore. After working in the jewelry business for most of his life, Tom saw the need for a simple way to hang curtains — one that didn’t involve multiple people, expensive tools and endless parts.

With a piece of cardboard as his first prototype, Tom took his invention to various manufacturers until he found a partner who agreed to make it.

After his health began to fail, Tom passed on the business to his son Derrek, a police officer, who now runs the company. While Kwik-Hang has since expanded to offer new styles, the first Kwik-Hang product created over five years ago is nearly identical to the one sold today.

Our Story

We've come a long way since Tom created the first Kwik-Hang prototype out of a folded piece of cardboard. (And we're just getting started.)

Here’s the beginning of our story.


Tom created the first Kwik-Hang prototype.


The first ten units sold out in minutes on eBay.


Tom expanded Kwik-Hang to fit standard curtains and new colors.

March 2016

Tom passed the business to his son Derrek, who leads it today.

October 2017

Kwik-Hang was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

April 2018

Kwik-Hang launches their first retail collection in Ace Hardware.

American Made, Family First

Kwik-Hang is proud to be a family owned and operated business with all operations and manufacturing based in the USA.

Family values influence everything we do, from the quality of our product to creating an incredible experience for our customers.

Our Mission

Making your house a home shouldn't be so much work, especially when it comes to hanging curtains. At Kwik-Hang, we've simplified curtain hanging to make your life easier and help you customize your home without sacrificing your weekend.

Hanging curtains doesn't need to be hard. We've created a simple, stylish solution to a stressful household task, solving a decades-long problem so you can get back to what truly matters.