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Do you have wood framing around your windows?

How large is your window area?

Do you prefer layered curtains?

Kwik Tip: With double curtain rods, you can pair standard curtains with sheer curtains for a layered look. Reveal the sheers during the day to let light in, and close both curtains at night for extra privacy.

Are you hanging lightweight curtains or thick draperies?

Kwik Tip: Use sheer curtains in common areas that require more light. Hang thick or heavy drapes in formal areas or rooms where you want to block light and sound, like a bedroom or office.

Do you like to keep your curtains open?

Kwik Tip: Use holdbacks to pull back your curtains for more light and fresh air.

Which style is your favorite?

Your custom recommendation

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Sorry, You Need a Window Trim

Unfortunately, our Kwik-Hang curtain brackets only work on windows with a window trim.

However, we do sell curtain rods! Take $5 off your purchase when you spend $50+ with code QUIZ5.