Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far do the brackets come out from the wall?
A: Our single brackets have a projection of 3 ¼” and our double brackets have a
projection of 4 ¼” from the wall
Q: How much weight will the brackets hold?
A: Our curtain rod brackets will hold your heaviest draperies and have been load
tested with 20 lbs.
Q: How many brackets do I need to purchase?
A: Single rod brackets and double rod brackets come with two brackets ( for the
left and right side of the window). If your window is wider than 30” we
recommend using a center support bracket
Q: What do the sizes of the brackets mean?
A: The sizes (5/8” and 1”) represent the cup sizes of the brackets. 5/8” brackets
will hold curtain rods ½”-5/8” and 1” brackets will hold curtain rods 3/4”-1”.
Q: Are the brackets easily removable?
A: The brackets come out just as easy as they go in and you can take them with
you when you move.
Q: Am I supposed to put a screw in the hole?
A: No, the hole is only there so the brackets can get colored.
Q: How do the brackets attach to the window trim?
A: The brackets have a set of pins fused directly to them. Position the brackets
above the wood trim and carefully tap them down with a hammer. The pins seat
into the top of the trim.
Q: What is your return policy?
A: Brackets that are undamaged and returned within 30 days of the original
purchase will be fully refunded
Q: What is the width of your brackets?
A: Our brackets are approximately 1/2'' wide so your trim must be at least 1/2'' thick.