Designer Approved

" The window hardware by Kwikhang was by far the EASIEST hardware I have ever used and I usually have my husband hang that stuff but this time, this, myself and I did it...Can you tell I'm excited?!?! ".

Jill Passafiume


" I've got a GAMEEE CHANGER for you guys! Kwikhang makes curtain rod brackets that you literally tap into the wood trim around your window. I hoped up onto a chair and got each bracket in within 10 seconds! " 

Leigh Fager


" The curtain game has officially been changed! I know ya'll are just as excited about Kwikhang as I am. I literally tapped the Kwikhang into my window frame and in ten seconds tops, I had installed my new curtains. "

Emily Blanchard


What Our Customers Say

These brackets protected us from losing our security deposit in our remodeled 1920's building, and because of the great price I don't have to worry about leaving them behind when I move out. This product is really great, and customer service is amazing! Thanks!
~ Sharon M.

What a great product that is quick and easy to install. Looks fantastic, and is priced great too! Can't forget the super fast shipping either! Thank you so much!

~ Michelle R.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a single woman who should not use a drill or any type of power tools. These were so easy to put up. I didn't have to pester my neighbor to help me. I will spread the word. What a great invention!

~ Pat J.