Single Center Support Bracket


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No Drill Center Support Bracket

Please Note: These are Not Corner Brackets

Center support brackets are intended to be used to support the middle of long curtain rods and are sold individually. If you are looking to purchase a set of brackets for the left and right side of your window please select single rod brackets. To ensure proper stability curtain rods should be supported every 30 inches.

Window Size Help?

Measure around wood frame

Measure around wood frame

Pick size that works best

Up to 30 inches windows

Up to 30" windows

No center support bracket needed

Between 31 and 60 inches windows

31" - 60" windows

Requires one center support bracket

Between 61 and 90 inches windows

61" - 90" windows

Requires two center support brackets

Rod Size Help?

5/8" Rod Width

5/8 Rod Width

Ideal for sheer or lighter curtains. Fits rods with 1/2 - 5/8" diameter.


1" Rod Width

1 Rod Width

Best for heavy drapery or thicker curtains. Fits rods with 3/4 - 1" diameter.

No screws. No drills. No holes or damage.


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Featured on Shark Tank

Featured on Shark Tank

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Hang Curtains In Seconds!

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