Double Center Support Curtain Rod Bracket

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Double Center Support Curtain Rod Bracket

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Heavy Duty Double Curtain Rod Brackets: Center Support

Important: Double center support brackets require left and right double corner brackets (sold separately).

Add stability and security to your layered curtain setup! Supplement double curtain rods with a double center support bracket every 60 inches to prevent drooping and wall damage.

Kwik-Hang’s double curtain rod support bracket features a patented design that doesn’t require drilling, measuring, or leveling. Hang layered curtains without worrying about holes in your woodwork!


  • Sold individually (left and right double corner brackets are sold separately)
  • Inner cup size fits standard 5/8th curtain rod. Outer cup size fits standard 1-inch curtain rod, projecting 4 inches from the wall
  • Window trim must be between 1/2 inch and 1-inch for brackets to be fully installed
  • Damage-free technology makes it easy to hang perfect curtains in seconds
  • Strong and sturdy: supports up to 20 lbs
  • Available in black, silver, white, bronze, and gold
  • Not recommended for use on oak, crown molding, or MDF trim
Silver Gold/Brass Matte Black Antique White Maple Bronze
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Install Our No-Drill Curtain Rod Brackets in 3 Quick Steps

Experience hassle-free installation with our no-drill curtain rod brackets. No need for tedious measuring or leveling. Simply tap the brackets onto the top of your window trim and you're all set!

  1. Place Bracket

  2. Tap In

  3. Hang Curtains

Do You Need a Support Bracket?

Have a wide window? Reinforcing longer curtain rods prevents unsightly drooping and wall damage. Curtain rods should be supported with a center support bracket every 60 inches to ensure proper stability.

Measure around wood frame

Measure around wood frame

Pick size that works best

up to 60" windows
Up to 60" windows
No center support bracket needed
61" - 120" windows
61" - 120" windows
Requires one center support bracket
121" and wider windows
121" and wider windows
Requires two center support brackets

The Kwik-Hang Difference

See why Kwik-Hang makes the best no-drill curtain rod mounting brackets.

  • Fast and Easy

    Our no-drill curtain rod brackets are simple to install — no measuring or leveling needed.

  • Minimal Tools Required

    Got a hammer? That’s the only tool you’ll need to install Kwik-Hang’s no-drill curtain rod brackets -- we promise.

  • Zero Damage

    Never ruin your walls again. Kwik-Hang is ideal for renters, frequent movers or anyone who wants to avoid wall damage.

  • Perfect Curtains Every Time

    Kwik-Hang brackets attach to your window frame— no measuring or leveling necessary. Hang your curtains right the first time, guaranteed!

  • Safe and Sturdy

    Kwik-Hang's patented curtain rod brackets support up to 20 pounds, durable enough for heavy drapes and safe for use in households with kids and pets.

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